The Wild West

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No Power Playing -
Β  Make things logical (Makes sense) -
Β  Don't be rude outside of role play -
Β  No Cheating at all -
Β  Don't get upset easily -
Β  Fit the Western theme -
Β  No phantoms or powers -
Β  No Stealing -
Β  Relate to the topic -



Β  Here, you can be many things.
Β  A deer, farmer, thief, the sheriff, saloon tender, a horse, most wanted, banker, ect.
Β  So yes, you can choose what you want to be and your own occupation.
Β  You may be a canon character from anyone that is related to something Western.
Β  Whatever you are, just state who you are on the wall.
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The Dancing Armadillo Saloon -
Β  Saint Cathy Advanced City -
Β  Cathern's Bank Bank-
Β  JagTooth Mountains North Mountains-
Β  Eagle's Rest Hotel-
Β  Split Nailed Creek -
Β  Rest Wip Names -


Wanting to Join All you need to do is one, comment on the page. Two, comment on the wall. Three, jam a gram me. On the wall, you can share your character there.
Β  Wanting to do the Western Rp If I'm on, all you have to do is ask to do the Western Role Play. Most of the times, I will say yes.-
Β  Reporting Issues If Someone breaks the law, please inform me, Kittycatwild9. -


Famous Outlaws

To be up here, you must have committed a lot of crimes and stayed a while in the Western Rps. -
Β  Aran Crimson -


Please Remember, this is a SIDE GROUP. It wouldn't even be considered a group at all, actually.

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