"Why are you looking at me like that...?"


STATUS Active & Alive
RACE Kitsune

Crush: Secret 

RANK Rogue


"Do you think I'm pretty...?"

Atsuko is 4'8 inches tall and she weighs around 120 pounds.

She has light brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back with hazel eyes.

In her fox form she has a light brown pelt with a white under coat and hazel eyes.


"Please, I'm telling you I'm not a  terrible person..."

Positive|Gentle, Loving, Sweet

Neutral|Quiet, Curious, Easily Flustered

Negative|Shy, Doubtful, Easily Persuaded


"P-please! D-don't hurt me!"

Mother|Ai (Unknown)

Father|Kousei (Unknown)

Siblings|Watari (Brother, Unknown)




"I don't want to be with you, you monster!"

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual






TURN ONS; Atsuko finds those taller and stronger than her quite attractive.  She also finds a calm and flirty guy attractive too.

TURN OFFS: Atsuko isn't one to judge a person by their looks but she wouldn't want someone as tiny as her. She wouldn't want someone who is rude either.


"F-friend..? My last friend did terrible things to me..."


Name|Trust Rate|Relation|Quote 

Isao|0%|Ex| "I loved him but he hurt me..."

Kraiger|80%|Crush| "There's something about him I really like, I feel safe with him."

Hinode|50%|Friend| "He reminds me a lot of I-Isao... But he seems nice."


"My story isn't anything but sorrow."

Child Stage

When Atsuko was younger her parents were very abusive to her,  mentally and physically. Her brother, Watari, was the good child and she was the bad child. She wasn't sure why she was, she did everything they told her to and more while her brother did nothing. One day after being insulted and slapped she ran off, her father was shouting curses at her from the distance. Atsuko ran into the village and bumped into a boy around her age, he turned around and looked at her a moment before speaking "Oh hi."  The boy greeted and held out his hand, Atsuko flinched then slowly grabbed his hand to shake it. "I'm Isao, who might you be?"  he studied her for a few minutes before Atsuko finally got enough courage to say her name "A-a-atsuk-ko...." Isao tilted his head slightly "Are you okay? You're all bruised and you have scratches all over you.." Atsuko looked down at the ground "I-i ran away from my h-home because my p-parents a-abused m-me..."  Isao gave her a sympathetic look "I'll take you to my house, my parents are really nice." Before she could say anything he took her by the hand and led her towards his home. He led her to a hut that was a little ways from the center of town, he opened the door and led her inside. To her surprise the hut was filled with the aroma of freshly baked pie, her mouth watered and Isao grinned at her. "Atsuko, this is my mother." She nodded her head politely, the mother looked down at Atsuko "Oh my, what happened to you?" She said with a frown, Isao looked up at his mother "Her parents were very mean to her. Can she stay here with us?" Atsuko looked down at the flooring  "Oh of course, you poor thing. Let's go get you cleaned up and situated."  She took Atsuko by the hand and led her away, this marked her new life or so she thought.

Teenage Stage

A few years after she ran away Atsuko and Isao became close friends, she even began liking him. One day they were sitting in a meadow and Isao turned to her with a grin "You know, just being here with you makes me realize I don't want anything else." She turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow as he continued on "Atsuko, I've liked you for a while now.. I wasn't sure when to tell you or how..."  Atsuko's face turned a light shade of pink "I-i like you too..." Isao pulled her into a hug which made her face even redder. 

A few days later Atsuko was backed up to a corner as two older boys were insulting her, " Look how short she is, how could anyone find that 'cute'?" one of the said as the other laughed. Atsuko was in tears, "J-just leave me alone!" she cried. Isao came up behind the two older boys  "Leave her alone and go pick on someone your own size." he spat. The two turned around, one of them smirked "And why should we?"  Isao gave them an annoyed look "Because. You don't want to be caught on fire now do you?" one of the older boys looked at him "Fire?" Isao grinned "Oh yes, me and Atsuko both can be giant fiery foxes. Haven't you heard of a kitsune?" The two looked at eachother, the bigger one snorted "C'mon, let's ditch these weirdos." they both walked away. Atsuko looked up, tears were rolling down her face. Isao walked over and hugged her, "It'll be okay, let's go home."

Adult Stage

Atsuko was backed up to a wall again, but she wasn't being insulted by two bullies. She was being insulted by Isao. "You're nothing! You'll never be good enough, I can't believe I ever loved you!" He spat, Atsuko was on the ground her head buried in her arms as she cried.  Something went wrong with Isao and she wasn't sure when or why, her kind and loving friend turned into a monster. Just like her parents. "Why don't you look at me? Oh right, your too shy to. Just like you're too shy to face your problems." Atsuko flinched, as she heard movement. Her body trembled as Isao came closer, he pulled her head up "Pathetic." he turned and walked away. Atsuko wiped her tears and shifted to her fox form, she wanted to leave. She had to. She darted off into the woods, far from Isao, from her parents, from her whole miserable life. 

After a few years Atsuko finally found a comfortable place called Nippon. She met a guy named Cya who invited her to his group of kitsunes and she accepted. After a while of being in the group she met a large, armored figure named Kraiger. He didn't seem to be violent, in fact he never speaks. So she started hanging around him.



Atsuko has an unknown type of cancer.

Atsuko was meant to be happy but the creator went a different way.


"You must really think I'm something if you are still here."

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