Basically Her, But With Less Purple And A Kitsune ;)

Basic Info

Creator: HakuTheSpirit

Username: Kittenpuppy506

Created: April 15, 2020

Species: Two-tailed Tengoku Kitsune

Platform(s): Thread; Animal Jam; Animal Jam-Play Wild!

Status: Inactive/Not in a group yet :3

Group: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult


(Humanoid): Aurora is around 5’6, with pale, shiny skin. Her eyes are light blue, and in the shadows, she can sometimes be mistaken to be blind. Aurora has thick, long, and luscious white hair, reaching below her waist. She wears it down, with the front strands tied back in braids. She often wears a flower crown upon her head, long ears poking out. Her ear tips are a light brown, whilst the rest remains white. Aurora wears a long white robe with gold etchings, reaching just below her knees. The sleeves hang down to her shins.

(Kitsune): At the time, Aurora has three tails, as she is still a young adult. Her fur is as white as snow, and she has a few golden markings. She has one on her forehead, a symbol for love. Her markings glow faintly, and brighten when she uses great amounts of strength.

Aurora is kind and honorable, yet has a taste for mischief. When younger, she often played jokes on others, fooling them with her fox form. Her kind heart and sometimes childlike demeanor aside, Aura always protects and cars for those in need, If she had to, she would fight to the death for those she love, no matter the risk.





  • Aurora is often used in two different character versions—-one being a kitsune, and the other a wolf.
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  • Aurora’s Mask
  • Aurora—Humanoid Form
  • Aurora—Kitsune Form
  • Aurora’s Forehead Marking
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