The Enlightened Spirits(Work in Progress) Edit

Enlightened Spirits
Welcome to the Enlightened Spirits

Story Edit

One night you were walking through a forest when suddenly you heard voices coming from the forest . Very curios to know you ventured further into the forest. Soon enough one of the foxes came up to you and said, "Hello, who are you?" Pulling your strength together you said," I am just a lone fox, who are you?" The spirit looked at u and said, "I am snowy leader of The Enlightened Spirits. If you wish to join you must tell me or come back in a day if u need." You walked home thinking about this question and just before the sunset you decided that u wanted to join.

You came back the next day and you came up to The spirit and said, " I have decided I want to join"

Hello and Welcome to The Enlightened Spirits.
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