Forest The Guardian

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Creator: HakuTheSpirit

Username: Kittenpuppy506

Created: April 17, 2020

Species: Nature dragon

Platform(s): Thread; Animal Jam; Animal Jam-Play Wild!

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Group: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: Young adult/older teen

Forest has a long, slender body, with leaf-life scales patterning his form. He has a soft, thick mane of grass-like fur along his spine, as well as a clump at the end of his tail. His horns are of the appearance of branches sprouting blossoms, yet are still as hard (and dangerous) as any other horn. His legs appear like tree trunks, as well as parts of his tail. Water can be seen trickling down his chest, legs, side, etc in stream and river like forms, some even waterfalls.

Forest is one of the kindest and most selfless dragons you’ll ever meet. He loves animals with all his heart, protecting them and their home. Forest is shy, as well, and has never met a dragon besides his mother, father, and grandfather. He’s seen them before, but at a distance and young age. Despite his caring demeanor, he has a deep hatred, boiling up inside him, for humans. Forest swore to protect the land from them, even at the cost of his life.




Emotions:Love, protected, respects

Quotes: “I will love you from dawn to dusk, and dusk to dawn. No matter what you do, I will always love you.” -Fawn



Emotions:Love, protected, deep respect, honor

Quotes: “But.. what if you get hurt? Aren’t you scared?” -Forest “A brave one is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” -Wolfe



Emotions:Love, protected, respect, wisdom

Quotes: “Those we love never truly leave us. There are things even death cannot touch.” -Hawthorn


As a whelp (baby dragon), Forest had a loving family. His old, wise grandfather, Hawthorn, his strong, honorable father, Wolfe, and has kind, loving mother, Fawn. Hawthorn was once the guardian of the forest, protecting the land and animals. As he grew older, his son, Wolfe, took charge. His grandmother, Brambleberry, died of an illness before he was born. When Forest was 5, his grandfather passed away of old age, but even then he still smiled. “Forest..” He would say. “Forest, don’t be sad. Tilt your head to the sky and smile. Feel the sun on your scales, hear the birds as they sing. Those we love never truly leave us. There are thing even death cannot touch.” He would cough and sputter, then go still. Forest would curl up in his arms, crying softly, but he would soon tilt his head to the sky and smile. His grandfather was still with him, and he could feel it. When he was still a young dragon, around 7, he decided to do something brave. The trees ended and the mountains, where the stone was slick and hard, snow dappling the land. His mother, Fawn, forbid him of going to such a place, but he was ready for adventure. That day, he flew through the trees, his wings still strengthening, and went to the mountains. He couldn’t fly up, as there were no trees to help him. He tried at first, but couldn’t last long. While on a path, he slipped and fell, tumbling down. He thankfully landed halfway down the path, but his leg was scarred. Blood oozed onto the snow around him, staining it red. Forest carefully made his way down, gliding every now and then. His mother was distraught with worry, and even more so when he came back wounded. “Forest! Forest, where were you? How did you get hurt? Are you alright?” She would ask. “But.. if I tell you, you won’t love me anymore!” Forest cried. Fawn laughed softly, picking him up. “Now, don’t you ever think that. I will love you from dawn to dusk, and dusk to dawn. No matter what you do, I will always love you.” At the age of 16, his mother and father left him as well. Fire dragons attacked, attempting to harm the land. Forest begged his mother and father not to go, but he already knew the answer. “But.. What if you get hurt? Aren’t you scared?” He whimpered. “A brave one is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. If you ever wish to be brave, you must know this, deep inside your heart.” Wolfe would respond, tapping Forest’s chest lightly with his claw. His mother and father spread their wings, flying off towards the battle. Forest watched as they attacked, but they eventually flew out of sight. He was too worried to stay away, and edged along the mountainside. He was stronger now, and knew he would fall—-but nothing could prepare him for what happened next. He emerged from behind the trees, watching the battle. His breath was sucked out of him when he saw Fawn kill the fire dragon, slashing her claws through his torn neck. He screeched, falling.. but he would not go alone. He grasped Fawn, pulling her down with him. They fell faster and faster, Fawn couldn’t get away to fly. Wolfe was locked in a battle with the other dragon, unable to help. Fawn cried out, and Forest closed his eyes. A thump, and all the birds soaring from the trees. He would hesitantly open them, only to see his mother lying still. He trembled, stepping out of hiding, traumatized. He was too frightened to notice the other dragon, flying at him. “FOREST! FOREST, WATCH OUT!” The sound of his father’s voice caught his attention, and he turned around just in time. Forest turned tail and ran towards a cave. If he could get there in time, the dragon wouldn’t be able to reach him. He ran as fast as he could, but it was no use. The dragon grabbed him, pinning him down. “Take one step closer, and he gets it.” Forest trembled in fear, the dragon’s talons upon his neck. He turned his head to the side, tears welling up. His father stared, trembling. “I have a deal for you.. This land here, the forest, in exchange for your son.” The dragon said, his eyes glinting. “I.. I...” He turned his head away. “Take him. He’s.. he’s dead to me.” Forest stared at his father, his heart shattering. He opened his jaws to speak, but nothing came out. The fire dragon stared in surprise. “Err.. very well then.” He turned, flying away with Forest. Suddenly, Wolfe charged into him, slamming the fire dragon into the mountainside. Realization struck Forest like lightning as he watched his father, matching the fire dragon claw-for-claw. Forest knew what he had to do, and snuck up the mountain. If he pushed some rocks over, it would distract the fire dragon, or even better, hit him. He began to clump up some snow and rocks, then pushed it over the ledge. The fire dragon turned in fake-surprise.. he knew the plan. Wolfe reached up to claw him, when the enemy-dragon sliced his stomach. They hit at the same time, both deadly wounds. “FATHER!” Forest cried, leaping down the mountain. “NO!” He stared in horror as Wolfe fell, tears in his eyes. “Remember me.” He mouthed, before crashing into the mountainside. The fire dragon sat higher up the mountain, dead. Forest flew down, nuzzling Wolfe’s still body. “Please.. wake up..” He whispered. He grasped his neck, slowly pulling him towards his mother. Forest nudged his mother softly. “I.. I don’t want you to be brave, anymore..” His voice was creased with pain as he curled up between them, crying into the night. That night, he had become the guardian.

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