Background Information


Garai Lang

Username Magicpaw1200
Age 17
Gender Male
Race Human
Sexuality Bisexual
Group N/A

Quick Description

He's silent, cool under pressure and confident. He will almost do anything to raise his ego and keep his name on the streets. He has a cold heart and always seems to have an agenda. He is very secretive and likes to keep people guessing. He is very intuitive and always anticipating you every move. He's extremely observant and looks for others' weaknesses. He has a slender but muscular frame that helps him in battle by allowing him to slip away and pack a punch. He has very few friends but knows how to weasel his way into your life and learn everything there is to know about you. He keeps profiles of everyone he's ever come in contact with.



Name Username Sex Trust Few Words
Min Neonablaze Non-Binary 100% "They're my best friend ever since the 1st grade."
Annick Neonablaze Male 100% "Love the small kid. We've been through much, guess that's our connection and why I'm drawn to him."


Magicpaw1200 Male 90%

"He's blind and takes good care of Annick so he has my trust but if Annick gets hurt I'm coming for him."

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