Background Information


Glacien Seale

Username Magicpaw1200
Age 25
Gender Male
Race God (Season God)
Sexuality Pansexual
Group N/A

Quick Description

Glacien stands at 6-foot, 4-inches. He has a muscular yet lean frame, you could say kind of lanky. He always wears his black necklace and rather dark colored clothes. He has fiery-red eyes that clash with his snow-white hair which matches his purpose and abilities. He is a seasonal God but his specialty is controlling the cold and water. He can freeze a being to death either outside their body or inside. His favorite thing to do with his powers is making it snow for his little fox friend,Topaz. Contradicting his looks, Glacien is actually quite nice and bubbly. He can also be quiet and reserved at times. He's quick to make a joke. He can have a quick temper but overall a nice guy. He can be clingy but you can tell him to give you some space because he knows he might make you uncomfortable.


Description of Topaz


Topaz is the animal friend, or pet, of Glacien. Topaz has is own set of powers too. Topaz has weak Fall powers, for instance: Wind gusts and slight wilting power. These get stronger if Topaz or Glacien are in danger.



Name Username Sex Trust Few Words
Dayvenji jakethecat10 Male 100% He is my little brother. He's so fun to mess around with.

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