Heya peeps! I'm Adde and this is a guide to making OCs! I really hope this guide is helpful!

NOTE: This guide contains my opinions so don't blame me if all I say is correct

O-C = Original character

OC, stands for original character, now original means first and so technically OC would mean the first and original character someone made but people(like me) just use this term for characters.


Warrior cats! The series that started the main wiki AJCW! To those who don't know what Warrior cats is, Warrior cats is a novel series written by Erin Hunter. The series is about groups of feral cats with lore, rituals, ceremonies, and their own slice of life. Eventually the series worked its way into Animal Jam creating large Warriors inspired roleplays and finally was made its own Wiki.


I love naming OCs(Well, who doesn't?)! You have two naming options, the most common naming is the two part warrior names with a Suffix and a Prefix(ex: Stormfur, Smalllily, Sweetbriar, Pinefoot). The second option are rogue names, usually being being a one part name(ex: Fern, Billy, Storm, Icy, Thomas). Rogue names are not normally used in clans and groups, the only canon warrior in Warriors with a rogue name is Boulder. How do you tell a prefix from a suffix you ask? Well a prefix and a suffix can be any word, it really depends on where you place them. Take the name Honeytail, See how I put Honey in green? And Tail in red? What I put in Green is the prefix and what's in red is the suffix! Hey! Did you know that in warrior cats, cats with different ranks have a different suffix? Heck yea of course it's true! In the table below you can see some examples! Their are so many ways to name your OC! You could name them on how they look, personality, backstory, a meaning, moral, and much more!




insert prefix Star Leader
insert prefix insert prefix warrior/elder/deputy/queen
insert prefix paw Apprentice
insert prefix kit kit


Physical traits are quite important! They show what your OC looks like! Make sure your OC looks real tho, for example there's no such thing as a pink cat, or a black cat with lightning stripes, or a 3 eyed cat. Also remember cat breeds! In the table below will note some cat breeds!

Breed name


Egyptian mau Naturally spotted cats
Turkish angora Long furred cats, primarily seen in white
Siamese Creamy furred cats with dark faces, tails, tanned backs, and ears
Munchkin! Munchkins have short stubby paws!
Maine coon Primarily known to have long fur, quite heavy cats actually
Bengal Bengal cats are known to have large splotches
American short hair One of the most common breeds of house cat, they have short hair and usually come in tabbies
Japanese bobtail They have short tails :3
Sphynx A hairless cat

Always remember, OCs don't have to be always a cat, you can have dragons, lizards, dogs, humans, humanoid species, fantasy species, and much more! In the table below I have some humanoid species.



Dragonian A human who can turn into a dragon
Elf A super natural being who is one with nature and has pointy ears
Fairy A super natural being who uses magic
Demon An evil super natural entity
Shapeshifter Someone who can shape shift into an(y) animal
Nekomimi A human with cat ears and a tail
Inumimi A human with dog ears and a tail
Okamimimi A human with wolf ears and a tail
kemonomimi A human with some type of animal ears and tail
Kitsunemimi A human with fox ears and a tail
Kitsune A fox with the ability to turn human
Crow tengu A humanoid crow
Wizard A human(primarily female) who casts magic
Witch A human(primarily male) who casts magic
Imp A tiny fairy like demon creature who causes mischief
Centaur A man/women with the body upper body of a human and the bottom half of a horse
Cervitaur A man/women with the body upper body of a human and the bottom half of a deer