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H e c a t e

"You haven't even met me, darling, so why do you assume?"

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The Roleplayer

In-Game Username - Jammer2vfbq

Wiki Username - Jammer2vfbq

Roleplay Style - Fluid

Status - Active

The Character

Full Name - Hecate/Hekate

Gender - Female

Age + DOB - 13,000 years old (Looks 12,) October 31st.

Species - Goddess of Tombs, Crosroads, Witchcraft, Ghosts, Demons, And Unholy Stuff

Dauntless - Commanding - Temerarious


D e m e a n o r

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_ :: Skin

_ :: Hair


_ :: Iris of left

_ :: Iris of right

Abnormalities/Mental Issues

Hecate has six fingers on both of her hands which is hexadactyly.

Hecate, as well, has anxiety. It happens whenever she's about to kill someone.


Hecate is a nice and easily tempered goddess who tends to study odd things a lot. She gets loyal and too caring to her lover if they get married. But, she can get tense if someone hurts hurt because of her parents abusing her as a child.  If someone is rude towards her, she gets rude back as well and won't hesitate to fight the person she's arguing with. At time, Hecate can become lazy and not do anything for a few hours until actually doing something. She, as well, can be lustful and greedy in a relationship. She'll get clingy and more loving. 


Leadership - √√√√√✦✦✦✦✦

Intelligence - √√√√√√√√√✦

Combat - √√√✦✦✦✦✦✦✦

Hunting - √√✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦

Swimming - √✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦

Stamina - √√√√√√√✦✦✦

Stealth - √√✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦

Herb Knowledge - √√√√√√✦✦✦✦

Loyalty - √√√√√√√√√√


A n t i q u i t y 

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An innocent voice had erupted the silence as she spoke silently in Greek, her red hair was falling down into her face as she moved silently through the dark cavern. Her parents were asleep. The small girl was escaping to do some magic stuff and studying. She'd grab her mother's cloak, her six-fingered hands gripping onto the fabric as she put it on, tying it up and ran out the door, she was a more powerful being than her parents which caused her to get abused and tortured a lot. Her feet slammed against the cold earth as she ran. The cloak swayed behind as she ran before tripping over a root and yelping loudly, waking Asteria up, which resulted in a large roar of anger from the cave. The young girl yelped and stood up, holding the cloak tighter to her body. Her mother ran out of the cave and scanned the terrain for her "beloved" daughter, growling, she moved forwards. Sensing her daughter's power, she teleported to her and kicked her down onto the Earth. Hecate yelped loudly and scrambled away, whimpering as she looked up at her in fear, "P- please don't hurt me!" Her mother grinned and threw her down onto the ground and started kicking her violently, pain surging through her body as she started to cry out in pain, screaming. She closed her golden gaze as she continued to cry. She picked Hecate up and threw her against a tree as she started to drag her poor daughter back to the "house."


Perses was yelling at his poor daughter, who happened to have tons of scars all over her body form the abuse. They seemed to disappear slowly, she was crying. Her hiding cottage was being burnt to the ground by him. He didn't allow his odd daughter to keep unholy things and odd things in there so he burnt it to the ground. "M- my work! I- it's all gone!" She cried. Her father growled at her behavior, "Hecate. Stop crying over your dumb unholy stuff. They're a waste of time.. and space." She growled loudly and ran off, crying still, her feet slamming against the Earth again. She could hear the hatred from her father and mother's voice ringing in her ears, insulting, abusing, harassing her. She burned with hatred before screaming loudly, she rammed into a tree. Breaking it from such force, she roared loudly and slashed at anything that was near her. She had suffered too much abuse, she needed to be free, she needed to be something higher than titans. Yes, she had found out that she was a deity. A higher form of titans that has ichor and is immortal. Hecate curled up in a small hole in the earth, she continued to cry, the anger fading away and falling asleep. 


"Morning, Hecate."

Her father's voice boomed from above, she yelped awake, moving to the corner of the hole, "G- go away, phsyco!" She squeaked weakly, clearly scared of him and her mother. He reached into the hole before getting bit by her, he growled loudly and started crushing her in his palm. Taking her out of the hole, he threw her against the Earth which made the small girl yelp out in pain. He dropped her as she scrambled to her feet, fear in her eyes. "Go on. Runaway. You'll always be a disgrace to our family." She huffed and ran away once again. She had always run away from her problems. What could happen next?


Hecate was free. She was no longer suffering the abuse of her parents. Her small cottage was rebuilt as she hummed happily, placing the experiments on tables and shelves as she put potions down. The cauldron bubbling behind her as she adjusted her mask. She seemed to enjoy life more as years and days passed. Everything seemed silent and peaceful as she moved, humming. The silence was broken as a potion was knocked, she turned around quickly, summoning a wicked looking blade as Perses had broken into her house, a grin on his face, "Hello, Hecate. I told you I would find you.. and I did." He approached her as she whimpered, clearly scared before fleeing out of her house, panic in her face as she ran, huffing violently as he chased her, screaming at her in Grek. She turned around and raised her blade as he ran towards her. In a quick movement, the jagged weapon hit his stomach, releasing a loud, gagging noise as ichor poured out of his mouth. He looked him up at her. His eyes filled with hate and anger. He reached towards her before falling down onto the earth, staying there to die. She panicked and fled the scene. She'd be safe now until something else.


C o r r e l a t i o n s◄ ____________________________________________________________________________ ►


Name ║ Relation ║ Status ║ % trust 

Perses ║ Father  ║ Unknown  ║ 12% 

Asteria  ║ Mother  ║ Uknown  ║ 12% 





Solar  ║  Husband  ║ Alive  ║ 98%

Eris  ║ Adoptive Son  ║ Alive ║ 98% 


Name ║ Relation ║ Status ║ % trust 

Adrenaline  ║  Friend  ║  Alive  ║ 89% 

Akira ║ Neutral ║ Alive ║ 64%

Angela ║ Enemy ║ Alive ║ 12%

Shade  ║ Friend  ║ Alive  ║ 98%

Tartarus ║  Neutral ║  Alive ║  76%

Reiji ║  Neutral ║  Alive ║  47%

Fuira  ║ Neutral ║ Alive ║ 46%

Avoid ║ Nuetral ║  Alive ║  46%

Roseo  ║ Somewhat Friend  ║ Alive  ║ 59%

Zeke  ║ Closest Friend  ║ Alive ║ 100%


E x h i b i t i o n

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E p h e m e r a ◄ ____________________________________________________________________________ ►

Hecate is a loli and was the first ever edgy loli I made.

Hecate, originally, was gonna have five fingers but instead to give her a unique trait, six fingers.

Hecate has Anxiety and had an anxiety attack before when she went soul-hunting and was about to kill a young girl who was playing with her dog.

Hecate has a bad fear of water such as the ocean, small ponds, lakes, swamps, etc. 

She's extremely loyal to her lover and if anyone comes in her way, she'll destroy them.

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