"It's All In Your Head."



Respresentation - Estelle Hermansen

Hair Color - Blonde

Hair length - 14.5 in.

Race - White

Height - 4'5

Weight - 79


Owner - Kitten1458

Full Name - Helena Emmalaine Fredrick

Nickname - *None*

Gender - Female

Age - 7

Occupation - Student

School - EverGreen Academy

Species - Witch

Powers - Telekinesis/Voodoo


Manners - 7/10

Anger Management - 5/10

Tranquility - 5/10

Responsibility - 4/10

Coordination - 6/10

Ecstasy - 8/10

Humor - 9/10

Helena Fredrick is the daughter of Georgia Cambridge and Anthony Fredrick. Helena's father's mother was a witch with the voodoo abilities. The bloodline adapted telekinesis and gave it to Helena as the first heir. Helena's parents fell into a divorce when Helena was 4, where Georgia remarried to Donovan Cambridge. Helena stayed with her father by order of the court while Georgia battled drug charges. Georgia has since cleaned up her act for Helena, but it was too late, for Helena had been shipped off to Evergreen Academy at age 5. Helena's powers were discovered two months prior, and as soon as her birthday came around, she was sent to Evergreen. Helena visits her mother twice a month, and sees her father every Sunday when she is not in classes. Helena is a very happy child, and always has something to smile about. There's never a dull moment, and there's always something to laugh about. Helena often misbehaves and turns serious situations into jokes, but when you confront her, she shapes up instantly, then goes back to being serious. Helena is a serious believer in revenge, but will do anything to protect the innocent. She's a moral woman, but she will not stray from cracking the most inappropriate of jokes. Helena's quote, "It's all in your head" is a quote from a night when her father invited a friend over, not knowing that his friend's daughter was a terrible bully to Helena. Helena forced a fork into her hand from under the table, staring at the bully named Priscilla, who started screaming in pain and crying. Out of embarassment, Priscilla and her mother lost contact with Helena and her father. That was when her father became sceptical, and after a talk, he was forced to send her to the school for her own safety, so she will know what a witch needs to know.
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