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Main info

NAME | Itazura

USERNAME | Adde Hyakuya

RANK | Samurai

SPECIES | Kitsune

STATUS | Alive/active

GENDER | Female

AGE | 20

Roleplay info


BITHDATE | April 25

SEXUALITY | Hetereo/Straight



MOTHER | Sumire



WEIGHT: 78 lbs

HEIGHT: 4'7"

AGE: 20

Itazura is a 4'8" kitsune with large pointy black ears. As a fox, she has black ears and several purple markings on her fur. Her right eye is red, and her left is purple as a fox and as a human. As a fox she also has nine tails as well as a human. In fox form she has dark magenta and black fur and a galaxy like coat. When she's a human her hair swirls around her and her canine teeth are a lot bigger and sharper then normal. Her hair is dark and has a galaxy like color to it, and she still had her large pointy ears and nine tails. Itazura has a slim and short build as wellas pale skin.

  • Hair color & Physical featers
  • Kitsune form
  • Kitsune form
  • Her everyday clothing




  • kind
  • Calm
  • Cheerful
  • -
  • Flirty
  • Arrogant
  • Prideful
  • -
  • Yandere
  • Posessive
  • Sensitive
  • Ambitious



Name-Relation/Rank-Trust rate



"He's so cute a charming! I don't know what i'd do without him!"

Akari-Friend/First lieutenant-80%

"He's just like his brother but Sumairu is cuter snarl"


"He was one of my first friends! He called me cute!"

Niko-Acquaintance/Apprentice-60%"She seems nice!"


Name-Relation-Trust rate



"Awh I love her! She was gorgeous and kind!


"I love him so much! He was so kind to me!"


Significant other: Non

Sexuality: Hetereosexual/Straight

Crushing? Yup ;)

Thoughts on crush:

"He's so much like his father! So cute and charming and adorable! And he's mine and I'm his!"

Currently attracted to: Sumairu

Those currently attracted to Itazura: Sumairu

Past attractions: Non

Those once attracted to Itazura: Non


  • Itazura means Mischief
  • Itazura's left eye is purple but is always covered by a lock of hair. Seeing her left eye is a "rare" sighting
  • If Itazura became Sumairu's mate she would become the 2nd Taiyo of KoN
  • What she looks for in opposite sex: Sumairu
  • Interests/Likes:[interests] How to become taller [Likes] Flirting and gaining attenion from boys
  • Favorite food: Calamari


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