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"Generations passed onto generations, we rise up from the history of our kin. We are their legacy."
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6.30.18 TanukiFox Feathered Dragons 3 Active & Recruiting

Sovereign [Matriarch & Patriartch] Forthcomer
1/1 0/1
Sovereigns are the successors of the past Sovereigns of the kingdom, immediately placed on the throne after a Sovereign passes on or is killed in battle. If a Sovereigns must be absent, the Forthcomer will temporarily take his/her spot until they return. As for having a partner, the Sovereign is absolutely allowed to have a mate or simply an affair with another dragon. If there is no Matriarch/Patriarch but there is one of the Sovereigns, the Matriarch's or Patriarch's mate will become one of the Sovereigns.
The Forthcomer is next in line with the previous ruler of the tribe. To determine who will be the next Sovereign, 5 chosen trainees will come forth before the present Sovereign. The Sovereign will challenge the novices with a fair spar and a test for the dragonet's wisdom. The Forthcomer, before he becomes Sovereign, must choose a successor before he or she steps up to rule.

Name Fandom User Age Rank Significant Other/Crush Novice
- TanukiFox - Sovereign/Matriarch - -

Right Wings

Left Wings
2/2 0/2
Right Wings specialize in combat, normally attending spars that the novices normally have to give them advice and tips to have a better advantage of succesing in battle when the dragonets grow up to be Talons. Speaking of Talons, the Right Wings also lead them into battle as well as training them in more advanced techniques for battle.
Left Wings specialize in the Healing major, always there to help injured dragons through hard or minor injuries. This rank is earned through the selection of the Sovereign to see if they are worthy of this respected rank.

Name Fandom User Age Rank Significant Other/Crush Novice
Tsukirakari TanukiFox 21 Right Wing None None
Jikan Adde Hyakuya 23 Right Wing None None

Talons Claws
0/∞ 0/∞
Talons are the protectors of the tribe, normally learning how to channel their abilities into their talons which allow them to each stand out as individuals as they live their lives. To be a Talon, you must have the common ability of agility, enhanced reflexes, and as well as hightened senses. A dragon may have all of these, as well as their main ability.
Claws, unlike the Talons, are the hunters of the tribe and feed the civilians everyday with heratfelt meals for they also specialize in making the meals from the prey they hunt. To respect these hardworking hunters, they may also have the ability to earn the first meal as the prey is distributed to all of the dragons.

Name Fandom User Age Rank Significant Other/Crush Novice
Text Text Text Text



Mothers Caretakers
0/5 0/5
Mothers have at least 4 hatclings in one time, and stay in the nursing cave until their hatchlings are old enough to leave the nest on their own.    
Caretakers do not own any Hatchlings but help take care of the dragonets with the same love as the mothers have for their hatchlings. If a caretaker happens to be expecting hatchlings, they are moved to the mother rank and are removed from being a caretaker.

Name Fandom User Age Rank Significant Other/Crush Novice
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Trainees Hatchlings
0/∞ 0/10
[Wip]Trainees are the next generation of the Legacy, learning the ways of the tribe as they grow to be warriors, or even hunters. The Right Wings and Left Wings observe the Trainees to determine what they are built for, normally taking their abilities as a sign.
[Wip]Hatchlings are right behind the Trainees in yet another generation in which the knowledge from the past generation dragons will be passed onto them to keep the tradition of this tribe. Hatchlings are to be 1-5 years old and to never leave the nursing cave.
Name Fandom User Age Rank Significant Other/Crush Mentor
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