"A true lady never acts as proper as her brain tells her. And I say that in a good way."


Respresentation - Sarah Paulson

Hair Color - Dirty Blonde

Hair length - 13/14 in.

Race - White

Height - 5'6

Weight - 143


Owner - Kitten1458

Full Name - Madame Cordelia Yvette Rosetta Oxiana Kabrich IV

Nickname - Delia

Gender - Female

Age - 29

Occupation - Professor

Workplace - EverGreen Academy

Species - Witch

Powers - All


Manners - 10/10

Anger Management - 7/10

Tranquility - 4/10

Responsibility - 8/10

Coordination - 8/10

Ecstasy - 2/10

Humor - 4/10

Cordelia is a professor at EverGreen Academy: School For The Young Female Imperium. Cordelia is the 12th owner of the heirloom school. She is a witch Supreme that has almost every power in the book. She is a woman that strongly believes in manners, responsibility, and sobriety. She looks down upon those that are disrespectful to others, and to themselves. Madame Cordelia has a daughter that belongs to a school for Supreme witch offspring to learn power, and how to be like their parents. Madame Cordelia has a husband that does not appear on campus, living at home with their daughter. Madame Cordelia will not share any information about her husband, nor her daughter.