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— Today (9/25/28) 5:04PM —

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I'm sorry I'm not good enough. It's not my fault I'm like this. Everyone makes fun of me because of all the cuts on my arms. But they really don't know that they're the reason. I know how I easily can get enraged, but that's because someone starts the bomb. That someone starts that bomb, and it's incredibly hard to stop that bomb from going off. I'm sorry I have depression, and sometimes I just can't stop it from taking over my body. I know I'm suicidal, but that's just how I am. Sometimes I really just can't stop myself from wanting to die. For a few days, my best friend was a boxcutter that I used to stab myself with. I get yelled at for being my true self, and it sucks. No one can accept that I'm a depressed, hot-headed and suicidal person. I get called all sorts of names, and they all stick. None of them can go away. I know I suck. I know I'm a horrible person. I'm too much of an introvert, and I'm always quiet, almost completely silent. You know how some people always smile a lot? Well, I'm the opposite. I barely ever smile. I call myself trash regularly.

I'm sorry I failed you. I know I'll never be good enough for you. Or for anyone.

I hope you can forgive me, for everything.. And again, I'm sorry I'm not good enough...

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