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Background Information



Username Magicpaw1200
Age 22
Gender Male
Race Shapeshifter
Sexuality Gay
Group N/A

Quick Description

He has long hair and a muscular frame. He was trained to be an assassin and along with that are his powers to shape shift and mirror others' forms. He is lethal if allowed to hide. His main weapons are two butterfly knives. He is welcoming to others and likes to get to know everyone he comes across. He holds his friends very dear to his heart and will do anything for them. He is a dangerous opponent if he is crossed.



Name Username Sex Trust Few Words
Sabazios Bakerbuggy Male 100% "I think we're on the road to being mates. Love him to bits and always will. <3"
Pastell Neonablaze Male 100% "He was once my leader and also a friend who I could talk to about different things, gossip."
Kuro Libertybell Male 85% "We talk about our long hair alot, taught him how to braid but he keeps things from me."
Nightmare Bakerbuggy (CorruptedSoul) Male 95% "He took us to his realm even though he shouldn't have."
Umbra Bakerbuggy (CorruptedSoul) Male .001% "He pulled my hair."

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