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Sairento is a calm and collected kitsune with silver hair that falls around her shoulder in ringlets that aren't obvious to notice. She wears a distinct mask based on her current feeling  or simply to match the season or event that is currently occuring.

  • Sairento- Meaning 'silent' in the traditional language of japanese
  • Kanashii- Is simply a last name for Sai, but happened to be the exact word that means 'sad' or 'sadness'

DOB: August 5th

Zodiac: [Insert Zodiac]

Birth Season: [Insert Birth Season]

Birth Place: Nippon, Chiba Village


¨ Patient || Respectful || Empathetic

Sairento is always seeming to be a patient kitsune, having almsot never shown physical hostility to an opponent or rival, though at times she has unreadable hatred for some or the rare ones that she meet. She shows respect for all the beings she will ever meet, though this also goes for the prey or animals that she kills to feed her village which is now currently Kitsunes of Nippon. Sai has had enough expreiences to understand almost any pain someone has been through as well, which gives her an advantage of knowing how to comfort the one that is affected by a tragic or life-changing event.


¨ Insert || Insert || Insert

Insert Text


¨ Insert || Insert || Insert

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Summary of Appearance: Insert Appearence

    = Base
    = Markings
    = Eyes
    = Ears
    = Nose
    = Tongue
    = Pawpads

Build: She has a lean build, though Sai has decent muscles in her limbs as well as slightly broadened shoulders.

Height: 5" 4

Weight: TBA

Fur: TBA

Defining Features: Masks that always seem to be covering her face






Relationship Status: Single

Mate: N/A

Ex-Mate(s):  N/A

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual & Asexual

Candy-Eye (Mentally): Kind, caring, takes time to just say hi or drop by

Candy-Eye (Physically): N/A

Turn-Offs (Mentally): People who have an obnoxious amount of egotism and don't flutter an eyelash at those around them

Experience: Shunned

Currently Attracted To: N/A

Formerly Attracted To: N/A

Shippings: N/A

Kitsunes Currently Attracted to Sairento: [Tell me in comments]

Kitunes Formerly Attracted to Sairento: [Tell me in comments]


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