"You know that I'm blind right? not Deaf!"

Full Name Spectacle J. Bolavard
User's AJ Trunkytales
User's Discord somelosthobo#3435
Group Blossom Falls
Age 14
Role Head Medic
Apprentice None
Status Alive and Active
Sexuality Heterosexual
Age 14
Relationship Single
Powers Reflected Sight, Visions, and Blinding eyes.

(Spectacle- a pair of glasses for correcting defective vision; Iorny)


"You can't let these bad thoughts get to you Spects. There is no time to cry."

Before Spects. was born, his dad (Isner Bolavard) was a world famous journalist that documented the supernatural apperances through out history. One of his newest discoveries "The Parasitic demons," ended up tricking him and nearly took his life before flying off into the world. Isner and his wife ended up moving to a quite cottage, trying to hide from the demons still looking for them while looking after their son. One day while playing out side, Spectacle ventured to deep into the woods near their home and ran into a demon sent looking for him and his family. Isner was able to go after his son and saved his life, but unfortiontly he couldn't save his vision from the demon's white fiery blast. They took him to the hospital which the doctors said they can not fix.The blast had burnt his corneas into white sheets which made it impossible for others to look at and the remaining energy is still active and will burn down the optic nerve if he puts to much stress on it. Isner knew it would be toughter to look over his son in a world overrun by cloaked demons, so in an attempt to save the world and his son, He left Spects. at Blossomfalls and gave him a note book which will explain his past once he gets older before running off to destroy what he started. Needless to say, both of his parents never made it back alive. Spectacle pledges to live his second chance wisely.


Spectacle Bollavard is a, short, Bisque warm yellow undertoned skinned male with long-ish light golden blonde hair and piercing white eyes, usually covered with a white;beige undertoned bandages. He normally wears a dark grey hoodie sweat jacket and long beige brown pants. For footwear he typically wears dark grey and white sneakers.


"Im not typically a rude person. I just don't like it if you touch my stuff, or annoy me, or talk to me once so ever."

Spectacles personality still ranges but commonly he is an easy going guy. He acts older then his age and takes responsibilty to a whole new extreme. He doesn't stop working until everything is done and occasionally triple checks his work before documenting it. A few anxity issues had sprinkled its way in because of this. He isn't that good with human contact outside of work and he is restless when it comes to papers and rechecking diaognosis he puts on his pationts. But if he is known for ANYTHING at the falls is that he is a huge coward around the outside world. He can of course move and detect stuff without his vision, but when it comes to fights or ravaid wild animals, you might want to check your bed to see if he is hiding under it.

Thoughts on people at the falls

Dipper/Master/Trust Rate: 92%- You are my master dips and the person who promoted me to such an honorable rank. I have a lot of faith in you, although sometimes you can be a little questionable with your power.

Kim/Master/Close-Friend/Trust Rate: 98%- You can be a bit bossy Kim, I wont lie but you have one heck of a personality. You're brave and extremely strong. I wish I can be a bit like you.

Blake/Co-Master?/Friend/Trust Rate: 82%- You seem pretty cool man. Maybe we can hang out sometime later.

Lucifer/Wizard/Friend/Trust Rate: 86%- Stride can be tough, I know. Maybe we can team up incase he gets a little... crazy.

Mabel/Nurse/Mentor/Trust Rate: 78%- Your so Kind and think more about others then yourself. That's what I like in people like you. Although I'm not entirely to trusting around everyone I see.

Blaze/Deceased Apprentice/Unknown/Trust Rate: 28%- I miss you blaze. You used to be such a responsible apprentice of mine, although it still feels like you had been holding a dark secret. Marine/Head-Trama Patient/Cute Friend/Trust Rate: 99%- You know, Everyone has been telling me you were pretty cute. Unfortunately I couldn't had seen that but I still remember you trying to communicate to me through the palm of my hand.

Bill/Runaway/Annoyance/Trust Rate: -5%- You were probably one of the craziest members at these falls Bill. Creating havoc was always one of your specialty's. I wonder why Dips ever fell for some one like you.

Stride/Wizard/Annoyance/Trust Rate: -15%- You may had proved your loyalty but it still doesn't make you any less of a jerk. You are so childish and immature that sometimes I just cant take you, AND STOP CALLING ME BLIND BOY!

Love Life

"*Blushes* Love life! I don't have one. There is to much work to be done!"

Statues: As single as a lonely pringle.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Past Crushes: Billie

People Crushing on Now: Nobody

Turn ons: Someone Pationt, Responsible, Caring and Willing to Help.

Turn-offs: Someone Rude, Annoying, Snotty, or Insane.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes                                                         .                         Dislikes


Reading                                                      .                       Crowded Spaces

The Sounds of the Falls                                       .                Parasitic Demons

Ramen                                                       .                        Burning Wood

Flower sents                                                  .                    Fights

Lightning (pet)                                                 .                   Insults

Spring                                                           .                     Anything that could eat him

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