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"Insult me, say goodbye to your best friend, hurt Cassie, you'll have a broken limb, diss my wife, my kids, and my sister, you're going to hell."

Roleplayed By + Nicknames Jammer2vfbq, + Tar, Eren, Tartarsauce.
Gender + Sexuality Male + Hetrosexual
Species Demon
Voice Average Male Voice
Scent Burnt Wood + Cimmanon
Abilities/Powers Transform into a more demonic being, summon items.


"Why you wanna know what I look like underneath the mask?"

Tartarus is a short and pale skinned demon who has albino hair, which is unruly and untidy. He only has one eye and tons of scars across his face due to his mother ripping his eye out when he was a kid and slashing the knife across his face. Tar wears a mask to cover his face from all the wounds he has. He still looks youg even though he's becoming old.

Age~ 41 in human years.

Height~ 4"7

Weight~ Average weight for a person 4"7.


"Y- you would get my eye back? I don't want it though but still, I'd want it but I'll have to refuse."

Tartarus is a somewhat calm and edgy demon. He can get clingy if in a relationship and overprotective, he, aswell, can get angered easily, causing him to transform then get violent and try to kill someone in his demonic form. He can be nice and energetic sometims, Tar shows love to his wife and kids sometimes if they visit. But most of all, he acts lazy and wants to sleep alot now because of taking care of his kids.


"This is to tragic for a small kid like me, I'm out."


Pain, fear, and panic flooded through the small child's mind as his mother stood infront of him, angered. Her gaze burned with hatred and rage, slapping her own son violently before throwing him against the wall. He squeaked and stood up, shakily. "Wh- what did I do, mom?!" 

"Aww. You did so something.. exist."

She grinned, her gaze harsh.

"I- I'm not that bad.."

He whimepred before she took out and approached her son, who moved away slowly, fear in his eyes as he started to breateh heavily before she scraped the knife across his face as he yelped and stomped on his mother's foot, moving away as his face bled. She grabbed his throat and pulled him close, impaling his eye. He screamed out in and tried to move away, elbowing her stomach but her grip was too strong. She raked the the knife across his face as he screamed out in pain. Tar was thrown against the floor and was kicked violently in his stomach. His mother yelling insults at him before she stopped. Growling, he stood up shakily, blood pouring down his face as he ran out of the door. The poor boy's clothes stained with blood. He had to get revenge.. but, how? Tartarus was just a kid. A small, scarred kid. His mother would be ready to hurt at any minute. If only he got help from a god but Tar was told they weren't real.. or are they?



Two small figures were curled up on the couch, one was larger than the other and the other one was smaller. Tartarus was enjoying to be loved again, the kid asleep on him was his younger sister. She was curled up against him, absorbing his heat before waking up and touching his nose which caused him to jump awake. "Wh- who insulted you?! Oh, we're at home." She giggled at his sudden reaction and stood up in his lap and hugged his neck. He seemed suprise and hugged her back. He closed his eyes and went back to sleep.


Her voice hissed loudly, causing him to bolt awake, she was holding Cassie in her arms, who was whining and trying to get back to her brother. She pulled away and walked off. Leaving him alone. Like all the years he was alone. Soon. He was gonna get revenge on this abuser.



Insane laughter was heard as Tartarus raked the knife across his mother's arm as she cried, "S- stop!" She whimpered more, the small male responding, "Oh. You didn't stop when you ripped my eye out!" He impaled her again. She shrieked loudly before he jumped and stabbed her throat violently, making her loose her voice as he frowned, not satisfied. He'd beem blinded by anger by this foul demon. What was he gonna do? Kill her? No, he was gonna leave her here to rot and die slowly. The short demon backed up and ran off, dropping the blade as he ran. 


"My family never loved me except my sister, my wife, and my kids.. they loved me for who I am beneath the mask, my mother called me ugly, my father thought I was a horrible son."

Name/Relation/Status/Trust Rate/Thoughts 


Martha/Mother/Deceased/0%/"I hate you. All you did to me was scar me for life with a missing eye. I hope you never reincarnate and come back."

Daryl/Father/Deceased/0%/"..why? When I first came to this world, I thought you were cool until mother had Cassie and you were trying to touch her while she was sleeping. Pervert."

Cassiopeia (Cassie)/Sister/Alive/100%/"Aww! You're so adorable even though you're an angel and I'm a demon! How do we not hate eachother?! Oh, right, we're siblings. But still, you're so small like me. But still, tone it down ont he salt and holy water, that will burn my insides."

Phase/idk/Alive/100%/"I'm not a toy."

Rage/idk/Alive/67%/"You touch my son again, I'll kill you."

Furia/Wife/Alive/100%/"God. You're so precious to me, you're one of those people that didn't judge me for my appearance. Thank you."

Avoid/Son/Alive/100%/"You have my hair but then there's the dark tints in your hair like your mother's. Hope you tame Phase's pet before she eats you alive."

Reiji (Rei)/Daughter/Alive/100%/"You look like your mother but you're short like me, I hope you still argue with your brother." Katame/Son/Alive/100%/"I'm sorry..I wish I was there to protect you..but you lost your eye..I'm a horrible father.."


Void/Friend/100%/"Still liking that fallen angel? If so, tell him I said hi and don't force him. He'll be scared to death of you and will run away from you."

Akira/Neutral/58%/"..since when were you hanging out with a ex-demon king?"

Adrenaline (Addie)/Neutral/58%/"Wait, when did you like one of Phase's chaos things? He looks so.. weird."

Melancholy/Somewhat friend/67%/"How'd your marriage go well with a crossroad demon? Oh wait, you left when she had Adrenaline."

Red/Friend/100%/"Be nice to my sister please. Don't break her hurt and leave her, being depressed."

Alyssa/Enemy/2%/"Go burn in hell."

Chloe/Friend/98%/"Don't take my mask again please. It shows my hideous face. But I feel bad for you, you lost all of your children."

Zeke/Friend/100%/"Just hide from them. It'll save you and your wife."

Hecate/Friend, Zeke's Wife/100%/"You died and came back.. just like Rage." Atone/Team Leader, Somewhat Friend/84%/"Nice job, 

Soko/Team Member/78%/"You like that majin? You tried to attack me when Atone said she wasn't strong, you went insane and tried to attack me. You calmed down when you saw she wasn't hurt."

Hex/Specator, Friend of Soko's/47%/"I'm confused on what you are. OH YEAH- you're a majin!"

Adromeda/Team Member/78%/"You're dangerous but adorable. Don't tell Furia I said that."


If Tartarus was a sin, he'd be Sloth or a Wrath.

Tartarus used to want the world to burn but that changed after after he met Furia and fought Phase.

Tartarus is apart of a team for a tournament, he's currently the deputy of the group.

Tartarus has died in a different roleplay but is alive.

Tartarus has won the tournament and is alive.


  • Tar in AJ
  • Tar in IRL


"I- I didn't mean to mom! I- it was only an accident!" Tar pleading his mother not to hurt him.


"Ask me questions and if it's a touchy one, it gets rejected."

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