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The Awakening is a fantasy adventure roleplay that roleplays solely on Discord. TA provides a unique experience and while offering interesting plots and exciting drama with character development, an expansive, open world, and multiple points of view. We organize roleplay plots in chapters that all connect to an over-arching story. We are currently on Chapter 1. If you have any questions, please contact one of the admins: totallytubular#58792salty4snails#6150, I dont know#4621, and your old friend darkness#4356.

Plot Synopsis: The roleplay starts only a few months after a deadly plague, a violent overthrow of the royal family and the crowning of King Georg I. With his rule, the persecution of witches has been at an all-time high, and nobody knows who to trust. Meanwhile, mumurs of prophecies surrounding world destruction spread, ancient powers awaken, and fae stir. An age of wonder and terror will soon be upon Caspia.

You may enjoy The Awakening if:

▪You like magical roleplays

▪You are interested in complex and enthralling plots that make up a majority of our story

▪You like unique and one-of-the-kind roleplays 

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▪Members of The Awakening are expected to treat each other with the upmost respect at all times. If you are caught bullying another member or another group, immediate action will be taken. The Awakening is meant to be a friendly and peaceful community.

▪Please be welcoming and open to all new members, regardless of their experience level.

▪Constructive criticism is allowed, however, please be respectful to others.


▪Swearing is allowed in the server as long as it's used in moderation and not said to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Should anyone express discomfort, please stop.

▪Harmful slurs are not tolerated under any circumstances.


▪OOR drama is prohibited. The Awakening was created for the purpose of giving people a free platform to roleplay and feel comfortable among members; and should any case of drama come about, please report it to an admin so that it may peacefully be resolved.

▪In-roleplay drama mostly comes in the form of plots. Though it is fine if it happens sometimes, unplanned drama should be kept to a minimum. Please contact an admin before starting any major drama.


▪Powerplaying is not allowed at any time. If you are unaware that you are powerplaying, an admin will contact you and politely ask you to stop. Continuous warnings will result in a temporary suspension from the roleplay.

▪Please use proper grammar to the best of your ability while roleplaying.

▪The Awakening is a medieval fantasy roleplay. Please refrain from using modern slang or referencing something someone in this world would not know about.

-REGARDING CHARACTER CREATION ▪Mary-Sues are not allowed. Please keep your character balanced, both physically and personality-wise. Witches are allowed two powers max.

▪There is no limit on the amount of OCs you can have, just make sure to vary them (ex. both male and female, guild and knighthood, etc).

▪Here at The Awakening, we welcome creativity and encourage everyone to set their OCs from the rest. If you wish to have a special trait about your character (i.e., fae, special heritage, backstory, powers, etc that would normally be considered Mary-Sueish), contact an admin.

Caspia Lore

The Awakening is set in the world of Caspia, a fantasy world rich with lore and magic.  

A story...

In early times, there was only one god, representing external and internal strength, sun and moon. However, after generations, the myths began to twist, and the two-faced god split into two new deities. The earth and the heavens were divided up between the two, with the earth going to the sun god and the heavens going to the moon god. The sun god began to represent earth, leading common farmers to pray to him for a good harvest, while the moon god began to represent spiritual properties, leading mystics and prophets to worship her for new powers. As society progressed, tensions rose and the myths were distorted even further until the two-faced god became opposing deities in an eternal battle. Sun and moon were split and blood was spilled. The prophecies have come true.


Magic is dangerous to master, and it is advised that young witches tread carefully when seeking to learn the art. Magic is known for being very hard to control and easily corrupted if not very careful. Usage can lead to tearing of the eyes, nosebleeds, fatigue, and headaches, while attempting to use stronger forms of magic can lead to even more dangerous symptoms. The effects are only furthered in a society where witches tend to suppress their magic, treating it like a curse rather than a blessing. For this reason, most witches tend to only use magic when necessary. Magic is unpredictable and can be unlocked at any time.

▪There are four categories, three official and one unofficial: Nature, Ancient, Dark, and Machine

▪Various different magical abilities fit under the above categories. For example, some magical abilities under the category of Nature may be water magic or fire magic.

▪Each OC can only have 2-3 abilities to prevent powerplaying.

▪How strong a magical ability is is determined by a ranking system, going from 1 to 10, with 1 being the weakest and 10 the strongest. For example, an OC's water magic may be a 5 and their fire magic may be an 8. ▪The overall ranking number cannot, in general, exceed three for fledglings, five for sparrows, ten for owl/falcon/crow/eagle/crane, twenty for phoenixes, twenty-five for the elders and forty for the megalos.

Rising Phoenix

Mostly made up of fugitives and displaced witches, The Rising Phoenix serves as a refuge for any persecuted witches and seeks freedom and prosperity of witches throughout Caspia.


The ranks are as follows:

Fledgling- Those just learning the magical arts, mostly comprised of young children.

Sparrow- Those well versed enough to partake in missions, if accompanied by a mentor who teaches and supervises them. Once their mentor deems them ready for the next rank, they may join a new party for further traveling if desired.

After Sparrow, it is divided by specialty:

Eagle for strength, Falcon for speed, Owl for smarts, Crane for healing, and Crow for the dark arts. All these ranks are equal and are full time members of the guild.

Phoenix- The Phoenix Megalos’s most trusted. Masters of magic and often allowed to attend Council meetings, although they have one vote as a group to represent the working class.

Council of Elders- Wise old people, often former Phoenixes, who run the organization and are consulted often by the Phoenix Megalos.

Phoenix Megalos- The ultimate leader of the Rising Phoenix. They regulate the organization have the final say in all matters. The current Phoenix Megalos is Audric Ward.

King's Guard

Adorned with golden cloaks, these brave and valiant knights serve as the central military of the royal family and keep Caspia under firm leadership of the king.


The ranks are as follows:

Lay servants- Masons or personal servants to officers.

Squires- Paid hires that tend to all of the Knight's needs. Often act as apprentices, as many wish to be knights themselves.

Sergeant- Dressed in black or brown mantle, these are the light cavalry who are not yet knights. Many low class men stay this rank.

Knight- The cavalry. Powerful and skilled in warfare, a small force of knights could take on a large number of foot soldiers. Often high class and from a lineage of knights. Recognizable from their white habit adorned with the King's crest. Hair kept short.

Elite Witch Hunters- Not officially ranked, but generally held at the same prestige as knights. Distinguishable from their dark clothing, those with this title are accustomed to assassination and stealth missions.

Marshal- in charge of the movement of men and supplies. Right hand man of the Master (sometimes called Grand Commander).

Master and Commander- Local Commander in charge of the city or fort. Complete command of the field.

Grand Master- In charge of the whole order. Directly appointed by the King and rules until death. The current Grand Master is Ulrik Amyer.


Joining Form

For convience reasons, any new members will be making their characters on Discord with the character creation form provided there. To get into the Discord server, please fill out this form:

Discord tag: (Discord tag here)

Nickname: (What would you like us to call you?)

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Time Zone: (What time zone are you in?)

Activity Level: (From 1-10, with 1 being extremely inactive to 10 being extremely active)

Roleplay Example: (You can use any oc in the roleplay example. Use complete sentences and try to refrain from using any weird formatting)

Extra: (Anything else you would like us to know about you? Any questions, comments, or concerns? Put them here)

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