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Dear community of the Animal Jam Roleplay Wiki, 

After a long while of thinking, I have finally decided to step down and quit the AJRW. I just don't have enough time for it anymore, as well as the AJCW (but im not quitting that) if you can tell by my contributions there. The Roleplay Wiki at this point for me is just an extra stress on my shoulders, and I just can't juggle it with my other IRL things anymore. Few of you will probably be "oh nuuuu dont leave", but I just want to let ya'll know that I love all of ya'll and I will miss you <3 When I was active on the AJRW, I had a lot of fun. But through out the months that I've been on the wiki, the roleplay has just gotten no fun anymore. I had to stress about being as active as I could (and i did try), and when I started to take some breaks, I found I couldn't jump into the roleplay anymore. And even if I did, everyone ignored me. Every single time. Every single time I tried to roleplay, other people just went on with their business. And even if they had free OCS to roleplay as, they didn't respond or choose to roleplay with me even after I always asked in the threads "anyone have a oc free". (Except for Adde and Førever. They best 2018). Along with the roleplay, I became super stressed about my admin duty. It seemed like I was always doing something wrong, or there was always a target on my back during demotions (this is not targeted at anyone). If I went on a super editing streak, other people said I was doing to much. If I did little, I would get yelled at to be more active. No matter what I did, I just couldn't be perfect for everyone else. And this ruined my experience on the wiki. It made it no fun anymore, constantly checking the wiki and my contributions to make sure that I was still 'active' enough for everyone else, and not my own enjoyment. Fighting to keep my rights as an admin became to repetitive, and it was tiring to keep trying to prove myself to everyone else that I was good enough; Not only to be an admin, but in roleplay and as a member of other groups as well, which sucked all the fun out of this wiki. To be honest, school and other IRL things are just a minor reason for me quitting, now that I think about it. I honestly can't remember the last time I enjoyed myself roleplay on this wiki. And this is why I am quitting.

To Adde and Førever, who I felt were the only people that cared for me here:

I love ya'll. Don't ever change; You two are great, amazing people, and you will do great things, I can tell. Thank you, for making my time on the Roleplay Wiki amazing. You two roleplayed with me, talked, joined groups together, etc. You were there, and I consider ya'll great friends. Forever, please don't be upset. You are not a reason why I am quitting, and please remember that. Adde, keep doin' what you do. Ily <3

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