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Name Hierarchy  About Rights  Classes
God - - - -
Gaurdian - - - -
Lord Leader of  The Elites Lords have been picked out to be the leaders Meetings, attacks, orders. 2,3
Captian Mentors of Super Elites & Elites Captians are normally there to help

suggestions, orders, meetings,

Super Elite The warriors of The Elites The have (normally) picked their rank in first year

Talking to upper elites, suggestions, orders, sometimes meetings

Elite Apprentices of * They are experiencing classes and learning

Suggestions, Talking to Super elites and Captians.

Healer - - - -
Trainees - - - -
Mother - - - -


Name About Abilities Power Level Ranks
Witchery It usually parts from wicca Some healing, spells, some weaponry, viewing 8/10 All
Armourer - - - -
Summoner Thinking of a object with matter then spelling it creating weapons, shields, and much more 8/10 All
Assasin They are slick and sly offending and defending 8/10 Super Elites and up
Elemental  they can do many elements other then earth,fire,water and air They bend earth, fire, air and water 9/10 All
Shapeshift Shifting can be uptained  when you find your spirit They can shift into an animal 7/10 All
Slayer - - 7/10 Captians and up





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Super Elites, Captians and Lords*

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