Experiment 36

"The experiment has gone well.
The human has fully recovered and seems to be perfectly normal.
He will return to his job in a few days..."


Experiment 36, also known as "Halberd", was previously a human-- and a Hunter-- before being experimented on in an effort to sustain his life after he was accidentally poisoned by oil. On his deathbed, he requested that any method to keep him alive be used, even an experimental one. That night a mixed concoction of bioenergy, life energy, and soul energy (that "concoction" is now known as life force) from a Gogmazios was injected into the human after his approval. The very next morning he was seemingly back to normal and was set to return to his job in a week, but only after three days did terrible things begin to happen to him...

So what happened?

Late on the evening of the second day, the human felt strange lumps on his back, just a little lower down than his arms. He figured that they were just bruises and decided to go to sleep, but he couldn't shake the feeling of nausea. When he woke up the next morning, he screamed and howled and cried in pain.
The man had grown a second pair of arms overnight.
Worse came to worse as he found himself growing taller, and his new pair of arms growing along with him and slowly transforming themselves into a pair of wing-arms, like a wyvern... But with an extra pair of arms.
Like a dragon...
And that was the beginning of his painful transformation into a horrifying mutated beast, half-human, half-monster...

The black oil that had tried to kill him so long ago now runs through his veins and gushes out from every orifice on his body, even making its way through cracks on his back. This is the true abomination, the freak, the accident that was created by scientists as they attempted to save a human's life.
They tried to contain him, but soon Experiment 36 had finally fled the laboratory and headed towards the mountains far away.

Nobody could stop him.
Diving deeper

Experiment 36 is always on the very brink of death, but due to the added life force, he has become immortal. His immortality comes at a terrible cost, and that is the fact that he is in constant pain. In short, he is doomed to suffer for eternity.

Experiment 36 has both human and monster traits. The remnants of his hair have turned into long strings of hardened oil. His legs are still very humanlike but are always forced to bend awkwardly. His face still very much looks human but his jaw is very elongated and warped. He massively resembles the Gogmazios whose life force was used to keep him alive.
The glowing orange marking underneath Experiment 36's chin vastly resembles Flowey's face, alluding to the fact that he is just a reverse Amalgamate.


Above illustration of Experiment 36's
appearance is by DraconicBlueDiamond.

Experiment 36 doesn't have much of a personality, due to his true feelings constantly being overtaken by his constant suffering. Usually, he is rather apathetic in nature and refuses to retaliate to attacks, but if he feels he is being hunted down he will try to drive off whoever is chasing him. Only in the most extreme scenarios will he resort to violence.
Experiment 36 is completely unable to feel love or compassion; the few emotions he can feel include sadness, satisfaction, fear, and rage.

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