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Hooligans of Dragon and Soul

"What is it now? Those two boys who keep getting in trouble? Bah!"

Meet the lads

Meyer Baker
Dante Baker

Meyer Baker

"I'm Meyer, I'm sixteen, and the whole town thinks me and my brother are demons after we went to the casino."

Dante Baker

"I'm Dante, seventeen, and after that night at the casino with my brother Meyer we have to pay the price."

Meyer, the younger brother, is the more impulsive and witty one. He is the one to happily accept dares, make jokes about people that no one else would, and waste money on pointless things. He's the "for the hell of it" sort of person, and oftentimes overlooks things.

His brother has given him the nickname "Buckethead" because when Meyer was ten, he got his head stuck in a bucket.

Meyer's favourite food (and drink) is milkshakes. His favourite flavour of milkshake is strawberry.

Dante, the older brother, is more of the "cool guy", but can also be a bit of a clown like his brother, and enjoys playing practical jokes on others. As much as Dante is a practical joker, though, he isn't nearly as impulsive as his brother and is more thoughtful and cautious.

His brother has given him the nickname "Clockman" because when Dante was thirteen, he used to sneak into his friends' houses and do all sorts of strange things to their clocks.

Dante, like Meyer, loves milkshakes. His favourite flavour of milkshake is blueberry.

Being brothers, Meyer and Dante both have brown hair and brown eyes. However, Meyer has more of youthful appearance and Dante appears more mature, which is not surprising considering that Meyer is younger than Dante, but only by slightly less than a year. Also, Dante has a larger nose-- but don't point that out to him, it annoys him. Meyer's palette consists of warmer tones while Dante's consists of cooler tones. In future events they will gain some control over red and blue elemental flames (for Meyer, his flames will be red for the element of Dragon or Rage, and for Dante, his flames will be blue for the element of Soul or Spirit).

The casino story



Those were the two words that began their wild ride.

Meyer and Dante were too young to gamble, but Meyer didn't care. Dante figured that gambling wasn't a big deal, so off the two went to the Casino De Dados, a luxurious casino owned by the sinister Mr. Teufel. Their parents, who would not at all approve of their actions, were blissfully unaware of their shenanigans.

The two boys were on quite the winning streak. They already had over two thousand dollars in winnings, and Meyer was itching to win more. Mr. Teufel noticed how good the two boys were and decided to challenge them: If one of them got a blackjack during three rounds, then Mr. Teufel would give them a thousand dollars each. Meyer happily agreed, ignoring Dante's warnings, and so the game began.

Meyer had gotten extremely close for the first two rounds, getting perfect 21s and not busting once. Dante, however, wasn't so lucky; he busted both times. With a wicked smile, Mr. Teufel began the next round.

There was no way the boys could win now! Mr. Teufel already had a sum of 21, and both Meyer and Dante looked like they were going to bust, Meyer getting a jack and Dante getting a queen. Meyer suddenly asked Mr. Teufel if both he and his brother could take their cards at the same time, and Mr. Teufel said yes. Meyer took his card first, and then Dante, and then they flipped them...

Two aces.

"WHAT." Mr. Teufel slammed his fists on the table.

"This isn't possible! How could you both get perfect blackjacks?!"

Mr. Teufel knew what he had to do as the two boys collected their winnings.

"Demons! Demons! These boys are demons!" He cried with a wicked smile.

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