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"Ooh... It's so chubby and cute!"
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"Can I yell [frick] out the window?"

Currently in all of Rubellie's AUs, Rubellie is depicted as a Rudinn Ranger boasting the normal scintillating scarlet-hued diamond-shaped patterning on a white base, a vitreous visor which completely covers and hides her eyes, and the same hood and gloves of any other Rudinn but uncannily human-blood-coloured. She has her differences from the normal Rudinn Ranger, though-- she is one of, if not the, largest of her kind (not to mention that she is also slightly overweight), and beneath her visor she wears an almost unhealthy amount of scarlet-coloured eyeshadow.


Rubellie's eyes are diamond-shaped, typical of all Rudinns, however they are scarlet in colour and surprisingly, less glimmering than the eyes of a normal variant Rudinn. Rubellie's scales are extremely lustrous, which is why her markings appear to be moving. Her claws are permanently unsheathed, which can make certain tasks difficult, even though she wears her gloves. Rubellie is around the height of a very large German Shepherd while the typical Rudinn is around the height of a Golden Retriever. Rubellie has a surprisingly muscular tail. While not prehensile, plenty of practice has led to her having a massive amount of tail strength, allowing her to effectively jump. Rubellie bears a scarlet coloured tongue which has a split tip, the same type of tongue that other Rudinns possess-- but red.
Her blood is also red-- her red pigmentation is a direct result of her diet, consisting exclusively of gems.

Basic information

Name Rubellie
Nickname(s) "The Rubes" (self-titled)
Gender Female
Species Rudinn (Ranger variant)
Suit Diamond
Status Alive/active
Creator/roleplayer/owner DraconicBlueDiamond

"Who the [frick] are you?!"

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"Is this some super secret mission or something?"

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"[Opinions] "

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Rubellie has only one known relative, a normal variant Rudinn named Verdalie. As of CHOCORUNE's first act, Rubellie plays only a very minor role, but as the story progresses the two are expected to eventually become closer.
Outside of CHOCORUNE's canon, Rubellie and Verdalie try to be with each other as much as they can. They refer to each other as 'sisters' despite actually being cousins.

"Stay back! I repeat, stay back! "

Note: These may not be canon in all of her AUs.

While not absolutely mortified by light, Rubellie is still uneasy when exposed to it. However, if light is shone directly in her face, her reaction is not unlike the reaction of one walking into a spiderweb.

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"It's glittering! Dazzling! "
Handler, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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