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"I think I've heard fairy tales about this thing before..."
Handler, Monster Hunter: World

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"The snake that never stops eating"

In the majority of her AUs, Verdalie is depicted as being a Rudinn bearing the typical keppel diamond-shaped patterning on a white base, emerald-green coloured eyes, and the hallmark dark green hood and gloves typical of any other Rudinn. However, the similarities end there-- she is much smaller than the average Rudinn and is slightly more feminine in appearance. Verdalie owns a short sword which she insists on keeping on her at all times, although this is not always the case.

Verdalie battle 2

Verdalie's emerald-green eyes are also diamond-shaped-- continuing with her diamond theme-- and bear small eyelashes, allowing her to be told apart from other Rudinns, as well as signifying her gender. Her scales hold a faint luster to them, although she is not as shiny as the rest of her species, and she has retractable claws on her singular pair of limbs that are not as sharp as other Rudinns' claws. Furthermore, while the typical Rudinn is about the height of a Labrador Retriever, Verdalie is only around the height of an Boston Terrier. Verdalie's curly tail may seem prehensile, but like the majority of her species' tails, it is actually quite weak. She also bears a green tongue which has a split tip, not unlike the tongues of some snakes, but also similar to a human's.
She, just like most Rudinns, has keppel-coloured blood.

Basic information

Name Verdalie
Nickname(s) "Verd"
"Rudinn Friend" (Rulsee)
"Vritra" (Townsfolk)
Gender Female
Species Rudinn (normal variant)
Suit Diamond
Status Alive/active
Creator/roleplayer/owner DraconicBlueDiamond

"D-don't hurt me...! "

Personality-wise, Verdalie is quite interesting. Due to her lack of education and therefore lack of ability to communicate correctly, Verdalie seems a bit more different on the outside than she is on the inside.

One thing that is clear, though, is her greed. Greediness is a trait that all Rudinns share-- usually in the form of wanting jewels and wealth-- and Verdalie is no different, however what makes her stand out from the crowd is what exactly she is greedy for. Verdalie can quite easily be described as a glutton.

It isn't just being handed a tasty snack every five minutes that Verdalie craves, however. While not technically considered a greed, Verdalie greatly enjoys being rewarded with care and attention. Her past was quite harsh and unforgiving to the poor Rudinn, leaving her to feel ignored and unloved.

Verdalie may seem quiet and shy, but this assumption would actually be rather incorrect. However, she is not obnoxious or overly outgoing on the inside, either; she more rests in a neutral zone, leaning only a little to the quiet and shy side of the personality spectrum. Her supposed shy and quiet demeanor is actually caused by her anxiety. Verdalie gets quite scared easily, another by-product of her past.

Verdalie is also naturally lazy. However, if she is pressured to do something enough times, and/or is threatened with punishment if she doesn't comply, she will eventually do it-- in most cases.

"I-I'm cute! "

Verdalie's undeniable charm has led her to making quite a few friends, or at least acquaintances.

However, Verdalie is currently too mentally immature and innocent to be able to grapple the subject of romance and form a romantic identity. It is likely that she will stay this way for the rest of her life.

Name - Username - Relation
"[Opinions] "

(As of first act)

Rulsee - Almost-Dreaming - Friend
"I-I'm sorry... For h-hurting you..."

Chrys - Almost-Dreaming - Acquaintance
"Th-thank you... For your MERCY...! S-sorry, by the way."

Susie - Almost-Dreaming - Frenemy

Lancer - Almost-Dreaming - Acquaintance
"H-he's okay... I guess."

Spades King - NPC - Worst fear
"N-no! N-not him..."

Mr. Elegance - DraconicBlueDiamond - Acquaintance
"H-he's nice."

Mr. Society - DraconicBlueDiamond - Acquaintance
"H-he saved me... Once...! Th-thank you..."

Hathy - DraconicBlueDiamond - Assistant
"Sh-she's nice... She helps me... S-sometimes..."

Please note: Some characters in CHOCORUNE will appear in
a few of Verdalie's other AUs.


AU 1

Dr. W.D. Gaster - Angelmoon14 - Fatherly figure
"I-I like him..."

AU 2

Matilda - Puppytime911 - Friend/aide
"Sh-she's a nice... Lightner..."

O'Neil - DraconicBlueDiamond - Acquaintance/aide
"...Th-they're okay, I guess..."

Vanessa - DraconicBlueDiamond - Caretaker (temporary)
"Pancake time...! "

AU 3

Carson - Puppytime911 - Acquaintance

Annie - Puppytime911 - Acquaintance
"S-stop hugging me...! "

AU 4

Rea/Dark Shadow - Puppytime911 - Enemy
"M-mean...! Both m-mean...! "

Tamara - DraconicBlueDiamond - Confrere
"Sh-she's mad..."

Seam - Puppytime911 - Friend
"H-he's nice...! Darkburgers..."

Verdalie has only one known relative, a Rudinn Ranger by the name of Rubellie. As of CHOCORUNE's first act, Verdalie is unaware that she even has a cousin, but as the story progresses the two will eventually become closer.
Outside of CHOCORUNE's canon, Rubellie and Verdalie try to be with each other as much as they can. They refer to each other as 'sisters' despite actually being cousins.

"H-hah, I've got you now...! "

Note: These may not be canon in all of her AUs.

Verdalie is illiterate. She has never learned how to read.

Not counting Creamcake, Verdalie's favourite Dark World foods (in order from most to less favourite) are Dark Candy, Saboultry (Dark World chicken/turkey), and Darkburgers.

Verdalie actually has the potential to be a more powerful attacker than the normal Rudinn, but due to her lack of proper training, her attacks are very few and weak. As of CHOCORUNE canon, the only attacks she can currently use are Diamond Cutter and Diamond Release, but she has the potential to eventually use Diamond Bombs, Sidewinder, and even the legendary Circle Of Death-- an attack that normally requires a large group of skilled Rudinn Rangers to perform-- if she receives enough training.

Verdalie does have a final offensive move up her sleeve which she has been able to successfully utilize in battle (in an unmentioned AU) without any training. As an absolute last resort-- and, if there is no other way to stop the opponent-- Verdalie will quite literally force the opponent into her mouth and eat them. To do this she has to swallow them whole, a task accomplishable due to her mostly snake-like body structure. This move is vastly successful; if the opponent fails to escape Verdalie's grasp within about thirty seconds, they're guaranteed to die. Out of every AU she is featured in, Verdalie has only ever done this once, and this attack is not canon to CHOCORUNE or any of her current roleplays.

Verdalie is right-handed, but she has forced herself to be as close to ambidextrous as possible. Whenever she wields her sword in her left hand, she's practising getting her ambidexterity correct.

While a normal Rudinn has 120 HP, Verdalie only has 100. However, in her Queen AU, she eventually gains a whopping 970 HP. Adding onto this, Verdalie also has -1 DF normally, but in her Queen AU, her DF increases to 3. Furthermore, Verdalie has 3 AT-- it raises to 6 in her Queen AU, and could potentially go higher if she receives proper training.

Verdalie's Check text reads "This so-called diamond isn't even strong enough to break glass".

If Verdalie is encountered alongside Hathy, the encounter text reads "The not-so-dynamic duo!"

If encountered with Jigsawry, the encounter text reads "Two shy guys approach!", if there's more than one Jigsawry present, it changes to "A bunch of shy guys approach!" The usage of the term 'shy guy' is a reference to a character in Mario.

If Verdalie is encountered alongside Hathy and Jigsawry, the encounter text says the usual "Smorgasbord." like with any other encounter containing a regular Rudinn, Hathy, and Jigsawry. However, in this special encounter Verdalie will mention that she's hungry, alluding to how a smorgasbord, in the real world, is a type of Swedish buffet-style meal.

Verdalie believes that if she goes in contact with light, she will turn to dust. This obviously false myth was whispered to her by some fearful Jigsawry, who were actually told this false fact by the King-- he wanted the Darkners to fear the Lightners and therefore want to kill them.

Some suspect that she may have expressive language disorder and also possibly selective mutism, but Verdalie has yet to be diagnosed.

"Be gentle with this one. GENTLE!"
Handler, Monster Hunter: World

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