It was a normal day in Hell. Everything was normal and as always- horrible. People were screaming in horror, the succubi and inucubi were doing their job as unholy sinners, seducing poor humans as Satan or for her other name, Ripper, was watching people before something odd had sounded wasn't a scream of was..something worse.

It got closer and closer before it was coming towards her. It was screaming of an angered Saint. An angel. They had managed to get into her domain. It was strictly forbidden for the demons and angels to invade territory. She growled before flying towards them. Armor forming onto her muscular and slender body as she slammed a sword through their legs. A screeching noise escaped their larynx as they dropped down, panting as she grabbed a hold onto their wings, pulling them before she ripped them off, recieving a cry of pain before she stabbed them in the back. They ceased to exist before turning into a bright gold, the wings turned bat-like as they went small and disappeared.

The demons around The Devil backed away, one of the demons was bleeding badly from the attack as more angels fell down, invading this unholy realm. She roared loudly, sending them back as a black and red aura started to surrounder her, the massive black wings expanded to their fullest length. Her golden gaze glaring daggers through her glasses. She had a murderous look on her face before she ascended and broke through the earth, breaking out of the earth as she moved forwards to the sky.

She ascended further and further before going to a stop. Ripper opened her palms up, her eyes turning a dark red hue as she blasted the gates open and flew inside of the holy place. The sky turned dark as everything wilted and suffered underneath her, Angels who were in the way got killed as she took out a sword, releasing another roar. Slamming into the ground as rocks escaped from the impact. They impaled everything around them as she dragged it across the earth. Seraphims saved a few angels from the deranged entity before she landed at the large palace, throwing the sword aside.

A look of disgust filled her expression as she glared, walking inside. The colors of gold glitched as it turned a dark grey then back to gold as she approached the throne. The