"And into the forest we go, to lose our minds."



This forest had been forgotten for decades. There were old stories and myths that mystical creatures lived here. Creatures like centaurs, owl griffins, fairies, dragons, and other mythical creatures. The woman stepped onto the mossy, moist dirt. She pushed her hand onto the trunk of a thick tree. Golden and green moss spread from where she had touched it. She grinned, weaving herself through the thick trees. Deer and birds watched her. She began to run, giggling to herself. She looked up, quickly stopping. There, standing infront of her, was a abandoned mansion.


Founder faundoesRWBY
Founded ————
Roleplay Style

Descriptive, Fluent, Good Spelling

Roleplay Areas Discord, rarely on AJ

Any (hybrids, fairies, dragons, etc allowed)

Status Recruiting
Member Count 1
OC Limit 5
Coder faundoesRWBY


1) No power playing. If your character is immortal, refuses to take any hits, can kill ANYONE in one hit, then that’s power playing.

2) No Mary Sues. Basically, power playing but with some super attractive thick chested female. Please don’t lol

3) Stick to the “7 second rule.” The 7 second rule is where when you’re sparing someone, you have 7 seconds to respond. After those 7 seconds, you have to take the hit. If you break this rule more than 10 times, you will be punished.

4) Romance is allowed, but please keep it TV-14. You can be descriptive, but if it gets too far, you will be asked to take it to DMS. I’m quite light when it comes to romance, but I will tell you to move if it does get to far.

5) If you want to have a ship with someone’s, please talk to them about it in DMs. No one likes an unplanned ship, so please,talk to the person before you’re character makes a move.

6) We roleplay mainly on Discord. If you want to participate in importantly roleplays, you will be required to roleplay on discord. We rarely will roleplay on AJ.

Member list

User Name Age Species Role
autismo#5154 / jaja7777 Faun 22 Hybrid Aspen
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OC Name:


Do you have discord? If not will you get it?:




Roleplay Ex. (3-4 Sentences):

OC Picture (Optional):


OC Name(s):


Why are you leaving? (If not too personal):

If it was because of the guild, how can we right ourselves:

How many times have you left:

(You can only leave 3 times)

Final words:


When you first join, you will have the rank Twinspur. It is the beginner rank.
There is something called the RUA, which is the Rank Up Arena. If you are rank Twinspur, you can rank up to Nemesia.
Glechoma is the last rank before the admin rank. Just like Nemesia, you can rank up from Nemesia to Glechoma.
Sutera is the Admin rank. I will need to trust you enough for you to get this role.
Aspen is the leader rank. Only I have this role. If I trust you so much that I think you should be co owner, you will be given this role. Though there is a very slim chance you you getting this role.