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A bit about Rin

 Rin is somewhat a complex character with a dark past. She was born in a dark abyss that her father runs and her mother was a neko. Who was also a mage lived in the forest and basically abandoned Rin. During her childhood, she grew hatred towards the mom she never met and would like to meet her to this day. During Rin's early years she slowly learned to take care of herself, and taught herself basic defense and made a few friends along the way. When she was about 13, she met her best friend. They always went on adventures and acted like family towards each other. until suddenly they stopped by a small village that they had always wanted to see and people saw them as suspicious and killed her Rin's friend, but let Rin go. Rin being emotionally distressed and out of sorts at that time killed and burned the whole village. She soon realized what she had done and changed her character changed dramatically. Rin became less talkative and social. She also started having a hard time making friends or keeping in touch with friends she already had. She spent her time in the trees where she enjoyed reading books and studying, as well as sleeping. Before Rin was a bit outgoing and got angry easily while making spur of the moment decisions. Though Rin loves combat, (even though she isn't the best) she enjoys being in the forest with her two kids and Husband Jack.

Name: Alonza Vera Rossi (She prefers just Rin)

Father: In touch and doing well

Mother: Not in touch, but alive

Husband: Alive and in touch

Kids: In touch and with her

Age: 25
Affiliation: N/A

  • Rin's hair and facial features
  • When she's lost it
  • Rin's best friend (who died)
  • Body figure
  • Formal wear
  • Normal attire
  • Rin's scythe
Appearance:Hair: Shorter, down to her shoulders and blonde'Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'3

Skin: Tan

Body build: Muscular

Scars/Markings: Some burn marks on her arms and a large scar running down her back




Warm green tea

Helping others

Cherry blossoms

Anything blue


Petty people

People waking her up



 Current worries:   

She isn't good enough

Someone close to her is going to die again

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