【MV】daze【Lyrics Ver

【MV】daze【Lyrics Ver.】

Basic Information

Past Life

Wyatt was born in a very populated city into a family who was rich at the time. He lived a very comfy life until he was around eight until the lab his father worked at collapsed, letting go of all the workers including his father. They were evicted from their property and were forced to move into the ghetto. Which unlike his parents, Wyatt didn't mind it. To make it to ends meet Wyatt's mother became a prostitute and as the years went on so did the number of siblings he got. While his mother was out doing her "profession" Wyatt's dad and Wyatt were working in a lab where they helped fix broken people's machinery and on their free time, they liked to invent things. Eventually, they got the idea of creating a full mechanical suit but nobody was willing to be the test monkey except Wyatt. The plan went off flawlessly except for the fact that his hearing and sight were messed up. When Wyatt was 15 he found his mother lying on the sidewalk, shot and almost dead. He silently carried his mother home where she died with her family around her. Since the mother was gone and they were poor the government gave the "less fortunate" food rations. The food rations weren't close enough to what they needed to feed the family. As soon as Wyatt became 17 he left the household to hopefully help them in the near future and giving them one less mouth to feed


Hair: Dark and scruffy

Height: 5'4

Body figure: Slim/slightly muscular

Eyes: Purple

piercings/tattoos: four piercings on his right ear

Skin: Tan

Wyatt'sfigure1.jpg|Wyatt's body figure and mechanical body Wyatt1.jpg|His outfit and hair maxresdefault.jpg|His hand cannon unknown.png|Wyatt's glasses


Cool weather







Straightforward people




Rude people

Unadventurous people

Being around too many people for a long time

Picky Eaters



Losing people

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