• Name: Geralt Lanters
  • Gender: Male
    • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Age: Unknown, physically looks like he's in his early thirties.
  • Species: Shapeshifter
  • Description: Geralt is described as being quite a weird entity for a shapeshifter; he is abnormally tall, standing at seven-foot-three, and possesses a strong, firm build that cannot be described as mesomorphic, endomorphic or ectomorphic. He has deathly pale skin that is adorned by a pair of silver-grey eyes and many golden ear-piercings whereas his hair is shaggy and dark.
    • As for his shapeshifter form, Geralt is a Wyvern, often being depicted as a Nargacuga by anyone who manages to see it. Many features of his Wyvern form appear in his human form, such as a pair of pointed ears -like an elf's ears- that fade into blue at the tip, a pair of 'wings' that usually appear tucked under his arms, sharp 'claws', a large tail and furred ruffle around his neck.
  • Geralt's normal form (credit to Iskeriot).
  • Headshot of Geralt's Nargacuga form (credit to Iskeriot).
  • Geralt's Nargacuga form (credit to Monster Hunter: World).
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