• Name: Litintayrth
  • Gender: Genderfluid
    • Pronouns: She/They
  • Age: 24
  • Species: Shapeshifter
  • Description: Litintayrth's exact height and weight are unknown, although many can infer that she is a very athletic person due to her ectormorphic-mesomorphic-based build. She has toffee-coloured skin, a button-shaped nose and a diamond-shaped face. Her hair fades from it's natural colour, black, to pink.
    • Litintayrth also has a tattoo of a Pink Rathian on her right wrist, as this is her main shapeshifter form.
  • Litintayrth's human form.
  • Litintayrth's tattoo (credit to Monster Hunter: World).
  • Litintayrth's Rathian form (credit to Monster Hunter: World).
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