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  • I live in the Netherworld
  • I was born on January 18
  • My occupation is bio-exorcist of the living
  • I am watching it burn
  • Bio Be nice or go away
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  • Puppytime911


    Context: "Can birds attack by shooting eggs from their rear?"


    Context: My friend told me to draw this based off another image of the same meme

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  • Puppytime911

    The angst bible

    April 26, 2020 by Puppytime911


    Starmix and Stupid Boyfriends

    • Janis goes to the mall in need of..something idk..and she spots Ethan, but he isn't alone. He's with another girl. She feels extremely heartbroken, and betrayed. Her anxiety comes to an all-time high, but that's not all. She goes tot he dollar store and gets as many Haribo Starmix bags as she can. She goes home and starts to binge.
    • Will most likely hide herself in her house for quite some time since she is embarrassed by the amount she has been eating. She only goes out when she runs out of Starmix, and she gains some pounds from the binging.
    • Later on, May and Eli, her closest friends, get worried and go to her house and find her surrounded by empty bags of Starmix. They have no idea what has happened, and a…
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  • Puppytime911


    April 20, 2020 by Puppytime911
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  • Puppytime911


    April 16, 2019 by Puppytime911

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