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    April 16, 2019 by Wisteria Dreams


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    roleplay #3 / 32 spots left / chill corner #1 |}
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    -Remi Takashira|Female|Necromacner



    The Holy Kingdom


    Camp Half-Blood





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    M I K I KO 



    ROLEPLAYER -      TanukiFox
    GENDER -      Female
    STATUS -      Alive & Main OC
    RACE -      Feline
    CRUSH/MATE -      [Crush] Ross
    GROUP -      Jayclan
    RANK -      Warrior


      Summary| (Basically What I Literally Said Below all mushed together)

    Build | Mikiko has a feminine build, her features quite dainty. Her tail is of average length while her legs are almost a bit longer than other cats.

    Fur | The base coloring of her pelt is a creamy white color, her back, and tail dappled with a soft dark grey, tan, and light grey.

    Eyes | Mikiko's eyes are a pastel purple, or what some felines call periwinkle. A distinct trait about her eyes is that they are tinted with yellow around the iris.

    Scars | After a recent wolf attack, her ear is …

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