Basic Info

Xquenda Ammoun
Pronunciation: Zuh-quen-duh  Ah-moon
User: NeonaBlaze
Nickname(s): Soul Stealer
Gender: Female
Age: (Human Terms)27
Race: Raika(original race)
Group: Dissipated Spirits

Practical Description

Xquenda is the second leader of Dissipated Spirits, and as such always walks with pride in her stride. She stands 6'1 tall and a generally slim figure. Her skin is a darker tone, and she has a tail as dark as her hair, and as long as she is tall, its sharp edges and bristled furs always ready to be used in nearly any way. She remains friends with silence, and only breaks it to speak with her trusted friends Malia and Xaphan, and also to teach her pupils. She keeps her knowledge to herself and her pupils mostly, doing what she can and is willing for others, but most of the time, the energy she takes is more than she gives.


Trust percentage
Other Comments
Xaphan Male Best Friend 100% He is a very good and trustworthy friend and a worthy combat partner. If only he would not be as foolish as he was, it'd make things much better.
Malia Female Good Friend 95% She is a capable healer, quiet yet caring. Her and Xaphan are a capable match.
Arin Male Student 62% He is my student, a very curious and bold one but he is still my student.
Tohopka Male League Member 62% He seems capable of things he does not know of yet.
Tyler Male New student 57% I don't know much about him, but Xaphan seems to favor the boy, and I can see he has something yet to be seen.
Cyprin Female League Member 42% I have not exactly spoken with her.
April Female League Member 42% She seems carefree, and will hopefully do good for her role.

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